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Services We Provide


Create stations

Desalination plants of all sizes using reverse osmosis technology

Gray water plants

MBBA / MBR wastewater treatment plants.

Operational, maintenance and periodic visits contract

We provide operational and maintenance contracts, as well as periodic visits contracts. In this service, we provide a statement of the operational problems of the plants and submit a technical report on these problems and the required technical recommendations. Periodic visits are made during the year and emergency visits when needed. During the periodic visits, sand filters are washed and checked, chemical tanks are washed, and chemicals are prepared in appropriate doses. With each visit, checking the pumps and following up the readings, avoiding the possibility of problems appearing in the plants as much as possible, and dealing with any leaks in the plants, checking the electrical connections, checking the measuring devices and readings.


Maintenance of desalination plants

In this service, we provide simple maintenance and comprehensive repairs for plants, changing reverse osmosis membranes, changing sand filter media, electrical and plumbing works in the plants , and all different works in plants.

Chemicals for water and sewage treatment plants and chemicals for chillers and boilers

We provide the necessary materials for desalination of water plants, such asantiscalant of various types, as well as various materials such as: sodium hypochloride 10-12%, sulfuric acid 98%, and sodium hydroxide 49%. and plants processing materials such as Odor Control and other materials. In addition to chemicals for chillers and boilers.

Activate Carbon -كربون-modified

Providing all spare parts and supplies for desalination plants

With our strategic partners, we provide a variety of supplies for water solutions and wastewater treatment solutions using the highest standards and the latest technologies.

Our Prominent Products

UTE provides with its strategic partners the supply of various products such as spare parts, filters, chemicals and all
Water desalination and wastewater treatment supplies, chillers and boilers using the highest standards and latest technologies.

Pressure gauge
Cartridge filters
Activated carbon media
Sand and gravel media
Flow meters
Sand Filters
Dosing pump
Chemicals for desalination plants, materials for their treatment, chelators, boilers, and antiscalant

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