Capacity: 9000 m3 / day.

Owner: Saudi Aramco.
Contractor: Saipem.
Client: Fahd Abdulaziz Al-Khalidi and Partner General Contracting Company.
Location: Khurais.
Project: Rehabilitation and manufacturing of containerized nano-filtration Reverse Osmosis with a production capacity of 9000 cubic meters per day.

Brief description

The project includes the rehabilitation of a desalination Reverse Osmosis to be ready for actual production at the Saudi Aramco site to achieve a daily rate of 9000 cubic meters, as our team harnessed all its capabilities and expertise to accomplish this work. The Reverse Osmosis was equipped with nano purification to remove chloride from sea water after pre-treatment. The system has physical and chemical processing facilities, Multi N.F., with high pressure feeding system, pre and post chemical treatment, advanced flow system as well as full set of devices and automatic motor control center unit. The Reverse Osmosis is designed to remove chloride from highly saline water (up to 48,000 mg/L) to produce seawater for construction and purposes (chloride below 10 mg/L).