Capacity: 10 m3 / day.

Owner: Aseel Company Limited – Sum Thing Restaurant.

Location: Al Takhassusi – Riyadh.

Project: Periodic maintenance and follow-up visits to a water desalination plant using reverse osmosis technology.

Brief description

The project includes carrying out maintenance for the RO, indicating its operational problems and repairing them, then carrying out periodic visits during the year and making emergency visits when needed. During the periodic visits, sand filters are washed and checked, chemical tanks are washed, chemicals are prepared in appropriate doses with each visit and pumps are checked. And follow-up readings, and avoid the possibility of problems appearing in the RO as much as possible, and address any Leaking in the RO and check the electrical connections and checks on the measuring devices and readings, and for our completion of the work in the fullest way, the agreement is renewed for successive years.