Chemstar KSA

Capacity: 30 m3 / day.

Client: Chemstar Saudi Arabia.

Location: Wadi Al-Dawasir – Saudi Arabia.

Project: MIOX disinfection generator.

Brief description

The project contains a combination of chemical, physical and electro-elements (electro-cells) that produce a mixture of oxidizers disinfection solution (MOS) to improve the quality of treated wastewater for use in irrigation purposes. The unit contains softener and brine tank followed by MIOX OSG which converts hard water and brine solution by electrochemical properties into disinfection solution, then MOS product is stored in polyethylene tank and discharged by high flow dosing pump to waste water plant and irrigation network . The system is completed with a set of gauges and an MCC unit. Pre-assembled units are delivered to site in an epoxy-coated carbon steel tank. Units with control panels are factory tested and ready to run. They will be delivered to the factory in refurbished ISO 40 ft ready to run containers equipped with lighting ventilation and air conditioning units .