Princess Adela’s palace

Capacity: 60 m3 / day.

Owner: Princess Adela bint Abdullah Al Saud.

Location: Al Takhassusi – Riyadh.

Project: Periodic maintenance and follow-up visits to a water desalination plant using reverse osmosis technology.

قصر الأميرة عادلة

Brief description

The project includes the restoration of a reverse osmosis water treatment plant with a production capacity of 60 m3 / day. The project consisted of a comprehensive maintenance of the plant, indicating its operational problems and repairing them, then carrying out periodic visits during the year and making emergency visits when needed. On the pumps and follow-up of the readings, and to avoid the possibility of problems appearing in the plant as much as possible, and to address any Leaking in the plant and check the electrical connections and checks on the measuring devices and readings, and for our work to be done with high professionalism, the agreement is renewed for successive years.