The Royal Commission for Al-Ula 2

Capacity: 60 m3 / day.
Owner: The Royal Commission for Al-Ula .

Client: Astra.

Location: Aula – Saudi Arabia.

Project: Brackish water reverse osmosis.

Brief description

The project includes a reverse osmosis plant for groundwater treatment. The system contains physical and chemical processing facilities, Multi R.O. Skids equipped with high pressure feed system, chemical after treatment, advanced rinsing system as well as full set of gauges and MCC unit.
The plant is designed to treat highly salinated  water (up to 3500 mg/L) to produce desalinated water for construction and domestic purposes (total dissolved solids less than 300 mg/L). The plant was delivered ready for operation and renovated in a room equipped with lighting, ventilation and air conditioning units.