The Royal Commission for Al-Ula 1

Capacity: 30 m3 / day.
Owner: The Royal Commission for Al-Ula .

Client: Astra.

Location: Aula – Saudi Arabia.

Project: Gray water station.

Brief description

The project includes a combination of chemical and physical treatment elements to improve the quality of treated gray water for use in irrigation purposes. Each unit has a combination chlorinator, coagulant, anti-foam and odor control dosing for gray water followed by multi-media filters that reduce suspended solids in the water, then the final stage is carbon filtration which will remove traces of chlorine and odors. The system is completed with a suite of gauges and an MCC unit.
Pre-assembled units are delivered to site in an epoxy-coated carbon steel tank. Units with control panels are also factory tested and ready to run. The RO will be delivered in refurbished ISO 40 ft ready-to-run insulated containers fitted with lighting ventilation and air conditioning units.